Comstock Township Cemeteries

Comstock Township operates two municipal cemeteries within its boundaries: Maple Grove Cemetery and Comstock Cemetery. Maple Grove Cemetery is located at the corner of Sprinkle Road and Cork Street, and is the largest of the cemeteries in Comstock covering nearly 70 acres. Comstock Cemetery is located on North 26th Street behind the Comstock School Administration Building and is the oldest active cemetery in Kalamazoo County.

Both cemeteries can be used for cremation burials, as well as standard burials. Comstock Township adopted Ordinance 341 in 1995 to address the administration of the Township cemeteries. The Township policy on headstones, flowers, spring clean-up and other items can be found within this ordinance.

The Township Clerk is responsible for the administration and operation of the cemeteries. Please contact his/her office if you need burial or general cemetery information.

Thank you for visiting this portion of our web-page. Please do not hesitate to contact the Township Clerk’s office if you require additional information regarding the Comstock Township cemeteries.